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Governing Council Meet Held on 28th March 2017

Category : Campus Events , News

Governing Council Meet Held On 28th March 2017


Inviting GC Members


GC members Interaction with Faculty Members








Gc Members Review in Students Work


GC Members


GC members Interaction with Students

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VTU Cultural Fest

Category : Campus Events , News

Our students Participating in VTU Cultural Fest

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AAADitiyans on an International Education Trip to Dubai – Feb 20th to 25th 2017

Category : Campus Events , News

An architectural educational tour was organized for 1st and 2nd year students to Dubai to widen their horizon and exposure to an international forum for their creativity and design.

Brief on the auditorium Design

Brief on the Auditorium Design at Amity University

Princess Tower

Palm Atlantis

Design District (d3)

Introduction brief by Prof.Abraham at Amity University

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ACE tech 2015 Exhibition On 10th October

Category : Campus Events , News

To expose students on different materials with respect to architecture and technology. Students were taken to the exhibition where they had conferences given by different experienced architects. Samples of Materials were collected and placed in the Material Library. The visit was organized for l and III SEMESTER students.

The students visited ACE tech 2015 Exhibition held on 10th October at the Bangalore International Exhibition Center. The exhibition demonstrated the materials from all over Asia.

The students were exposed to a multitude of innovative technologies & products. They were accompanied by our faculty Ar. Hardik. Majethiya Samples of Materials were collected and placed in the Material Library. Exposure to study exhibitions would enable students to keep updated on latest Engineering Ideas & Solutions


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Bio Design Farm

Category : Campus Events , News

Students were taken to RVCE college for a seminar on biodesign farm. They learnt to relate and understand conceptually how architecture and nature are inter-related. Ar.Vivin Aggarwal conducted the seminar to make the students understand on how nature and architecture are inter-related.

Bio Design Farm, 120 Minutes Speech by Ar. Vivin Agarwal at RVCA, Bangalore

The Speech was about Building structures using Materials which are Eco-Friendly, Economical & Easily Available


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Cygnus-2017 fest preparations at AAAD.

Category : Campus Events , News

The preparation for the fest started from January 16 from all the faculty and students with great enthusiasm. Students designed and decorated the college department with their innovative ideas and creativity was unleashed at its best.





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Category : Campus Events , News

The fest was conducted on February 10th,11th and 12th with a lot of fun filled events, games ,cultural programmes and seminars. Renowned architects like Ar.Alok Ranjan,Ar.Jaisim and Ar.Chitra Vishwanath gave inspiring speeches of their works and interacted with the students.

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Guest Lecture by Prof. Dr Mamatha P Raj on 18th Feb 2016

Category : Campus Events , News

Dr. Mamtha P Raj conducted a seminar on basics of architecture. Students understood the importance on Point, Line, Shapes, Patterns,  various forms ,evolution of spaces & light and shadow

“IMAGINATION IS THE HIGHEST KITE ONE CAN FLY” was the striking Quote that hit our mind and inspired us.

Today we had a Guest Lecture by Prof. Dr. Mamatha P. Raj, a qualified Architect & the Head of B M S College, Bangalore.
She talked about important Basics of Architecture
Starting from Point, Line, Shapes, Patterns to many more enlightening topics
She took the Students through the process of how a Basic Dot Developer in to a form or pattern
Students even learnt about the Term “FENESTRATION”, an opening in a structure
She even shared her experiments explaining various forms and evolution of spaces
Students even got a chance to learn about light and shadow. How these factors help us to develop various patterns/forms.
How Horizontal Vertical Structures/Forms are impactful, Students observed in few models that were shown to them
Dr. Mamatha encouraged the students to be a good observer and taught the Students to observe and get inspired by our surroundings and nature
They had an amazing learning session with her.

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