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Guest Lecture by Prof. Dr Mamatha P Raj on 18th Feb 2016

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Guest Lecture by Prof. Dr Mamatha P Raj on 18th Feb 2016

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Dr. Mamtha P Raj conducted a seminar on basics of architecture. Students understood the importance on Point, Line, Shapes, Patterns,  various forms ,evolution of spaces & light and shadow

“IMAGINATION IS THE HIGHEST KITE ONE CAN FLY” was the striking Quote that hit our mind and inspired us.

Today we had a Guest Lecture by Prof. Dr. Mamatha P. Raj, a qualified Architect & the Head of B M S College, Bangalore.
She talked about important Basics of Architecture
Starting from Point, Line, Shapes, Patterns to many more enlightening topics
She took the Students through the process of how a Basic Dot Developer in to a form or pattern
Students even learnt about the Term “FENESTRATION”, an opening in a structure
She even shared her experiments explaining various forms and evolution of spaces
Students even got a chance to learn about light and shadow. How these factors help us to develop various patterns/forms.
How Horizontal Vertical Structures/Forms are impactful, Students observed in few models that were shown to them
Dr. Mamatha encouraged the students to be a good observer and taught the Students to observe and get inspired by our surroundings and nature
They had an amazing learning session with her.

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